Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nanak Kheti Workshop

State Workshop on Natural Farming – The Nanak Kheti

Dates: 26 & 27 March 2008,

Venue: Chiranji Lal Dharmshala, Jaitu [Faridkot]

In continuation of its endeavour to conserve ecology and natural resources of Punjab and to make its agriculture free from chemicals, debts, exploitative technologies and anti-nature mind set, the KVM is organising a

State Level Workshop on Natural Farming-The Nanak Kheti

Nanak Kheti symbolizes farming with urge for wellbeing of all

The workshop shall be addressed by eminent ecological agriculture warrior

Dr G. V. Ramanjaneyulu

Executive Director

Centre for Sustainable Agriculture [CSA], Hyderabad

He commands a constructive revolution of librating agriculture from exploitative technological regime of agri-business corporations and agriculture establishment.

The CSA has brought more then 7 lakh acres from 1800 villages in to ecological agriculture fold across the Andhra Pradesh under their Non Pesticide Management program. KVM as CSA partner has created several successful models of Natural farming in Punjab.

This workshop will also discuss the disastrous impacts of cultivating genetically modified crops.

Dr Sudhir Kaura

Eminent expert on genetic engineering, plant biotechnology from Hisar, Haryana who worked in a laboratory dealing in BT Cotton similar dangerous plants for about 11 years. Now After Deeply understanding Adverse effects of Genetically Modified Plants, He is effectively Opposing these transgenic plants for the last about 8 years in north India in association with farmers and pro-farmer organisations. He shall be discussing on different hazardous aspects associated with the BT cotton cultivation and will also speak on practical alternatives to BT cotton and chemical farming.

Cattle, especially the Indian humped cows are an important & indivisible component of our agriculture and civilization. KVM has invited Dr Ranjit Singh from Jaisalmer who is working for the conservation and propagation of India's most tolerant cow breed THARPARKAR. He will be guiding the farmers for the adoption of this high milk yielding traditional cow

Umendra Dutt

Executive director


For more information:

Dr Gurbakhsh Singh China Dr Harminder Sidhu Dr Anupreet Tiwana Charanjit Singh Punni

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